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How to make £ billions from Christmas jumpers

Lots of workplaces encourage people to wear a Christmas jumper into the office, and at the same time donate some money to charity. It’s a fun way to add a sparkle of Christmas spirit to the workplace and raise cash for good causes. Consumer campaign, Love Your...

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Silver bullets or stepping stones: the future of waste

President Clinton once said “If you want to fight climate change, improve public health, find new sources of wealth for poor people and create new entrepreneurs; the closest thing to a silver bullet in the world in most countries is closing all the landfills in all...

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Solving the plastic bag problem, one bag at a time

Plastic film and bags make up around 60% of all plastic waste in The Gambia. Even drinking water is sold in LDPE bags, which end up littering the streets and waterways.  “The bags accumulated in ugly heaps alongside roads. Water pooled in them, bringing mosquitoes and...

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Growing a community of resource managers

  Charcoal briquettes are selling like hot cakes. Made from organic waste by the first wave of WasteAid UK graduates, the briquettes are cheaper and cleaner burning than natural charcoal. But the best bit is these small black lumps of carbon tackle a whole load...

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The other 50%

Waste management is something we tend to take for granted. Yet half of the world’s population lives without waste collection, treatment and safe disposal. With a growing population and an increasingly vulnerable environment, there has never been a better, nor more...

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