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DIY Energy from Waste

This article was published in Waste Management World, the publication of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) in September 2016. by Zoë Lenkiewicz, Head of Communications at WasteAid and a freelance waste communications consultant When outgoing ISWA... [read more]

International biowaste management & the nutrient cycle

Published by Recycling & Waste World It could be argued that of all the resources waste managers manage, bio-resources are the most critical to ‘get right’. Biowaste managers play an important role in supporting the nutrient cycle, converting food waste into... [read more]

Bristol Balloon Fiesta films bring recycling alive

ZL Comms / Real World Visuals Press Release Bristol Waste is bringing recycling alive with short films created to celebrate the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. In partnership with Real World Visuals, the newly established Bristol Waste Company has developed the films to... [read more]

Waste and the Sustainable Development Goals

Now is the time to recognise waste management is vital for global sustainable development There are more than 7 billion of us, and we’re producing waste every day. A staggering half of that waste isn’t collected, treated or safely disposed of, and it’s causing a... [read more]

Silver bullets or stepping stones: the future of waste

President Clinton once said “If you want to fight climate change, improve public health, find new sources of wealth for poor people and create new entrepreneurs; the closest thing to a silver bullet in the world in most countries is closing all the landfills in all... [read more]